Current Mental Toughness & Peak Performance Training Programs

"One-on-one" private coaching

If you’re looking for fast results or need to overcome some personal challenges quickly, then this might be an option for you.

Todd can work with you in person, by phone or by online video chat (depending on availability). Clients from all sports have asked to work with Todd on challenges varying from:

  • Overcoming slumps,
  • Negative self-talk,
  • Stress and anxiety before or during games,
  • Lack of focus and concentration,
  • How to prepare for big tournaments/tryouts/games, Or
  • Everyday worrying about achieving goals

You don’t need to sit there and struggle anymore; help is just a phone call away. Todd will give you a customized plan based on your specific needs and athletic goals. One-on-One training with Todd will run for a minimum of six sessions (please note: in special cases Todd can arrange to have just one or two sessions with you – but these are priced higher). He has discovered that six sessions ensures the new thinking habits will be solidified so you don’t slip back into old, self-destructive habits. Change is a process!

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Team training & workshops

Dramatically Increase Your Team’s Mental Toughness And Prepare Them For A Successful Season With Tools and Techniques Designed To Give Them The Competitive Edge!

If you’d like to develop a team of focused and committed players working together for a common purpose, then schedule Todd to be your team’s secret weapon. Join the ranks of elite European, North American and Australian sports teams that have brought Todd in to give them the mental edge for their season, tournaments or matches.

You won’t be disappointed!

There are Half-Day & Full-Day Workshops available, as well as Season-Long Consulting.

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