Top 5 Motivational Sports Videos

There’s nothing like a great video to keep you motivated and inspire you to do the things that will allow you to achieve greatness.  We get emails every day asking us questions about inspiration and sports motivation.  So, instead of giving you some long drawn article about how important it is to stay motivated.  We thought we’d give you some of our favorite motivational sports videos.

If you have some of your own.  We’d love to see them.  Simply leave a comment below with a link to some of your favorites.


Number 1:

Reasons we like:

  1. It’s got Muhammad Ali.
  2. It’s got Rocky.
  3. The music rocks.

Number 2:

Reasons we like:

  1. It’s all about the underdogs. And most of us at some point in time feel like we’re underdogs.
  2. The music and they rising crescendo of awesomeness.
  3. We like Versus. They always puts up great videos.

Number 3:

Reasons we like:

  1. Most people look at Beckham as having a blessed life. It shows the true road he’s been on.
  2. It brilliantly shows the need for self-belief and resiliency.
  3. The quote, “It’s a round world.” – Something we talk about a lot in The Champions Challenge

Number 4:

Reasons we like:

  1. No team in professional sports prepares like this. New Zealand Rugby owns the best pre-game ritual.
  2. The chant is old and honours tradition. We like tradition.
  3. The intensity. Period.

Number 5:

Reasons we like:

  1. The quote: “There is no maybe. You’ve got to get up and say I’m going to be a champion. Whatever it takes.”
  2. It provides great insight into the mindset of someone that has achieved a lot in many different industries. Fitness, Entertainment & Politics.
  3. It advocates working hard.

If you have a favorite that isn’t included.  Leave a link and leave your thoughts below…