Derek Redmond

Amazing What Can Happen When You Have The Support Of Others – The Derek Redmond Story

Derek-Redmon-in-BarcelonaAt the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, British sprinter Derek Redmond had his dreams of an olympic medal crushed by a horrible hamstring injury in the middle of a semi-final race. What would you do after you collapse to your knees with the searing pain of a ruptured hamstring?

Many athletes would just submit to defeat and wait for the stretcher to take them off the track.

Redmond was determined to finish what he started. So he picks himself up off the ground and begins hobbling around the track toward the finish line. The crowd cheering him on with every sting-inducing step.

Then, just when it seems he might not be able to go on any longer, Redmond’s dad forces his way onto the track and puts his arm around his son, who cries on his shoulder as the two finish the race together.

Here’s the video:

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