Todd Herman - The Confidence Coach

"Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me..."

So, you’d like to know a little more about me, hey?  Well here’s the version you’d find out if you talked to my family, friends or clients…

  • I love Root Beer.  I know, I know, it’s not the healthiest stuff on the planet – but we’re all allowed one indulgence right?
  • Huge fan of chocolate brownies.  Okay I realize I just said we’re all allowed one indulgence – but I have a note from my Mom that says I can have two.  What can I say… I’m a good son! :)
  • Grew up on a farm and ranch in Alberta, Canada and fell on a cactus when I was 6.  Had over 80 needles stuck in my hand.  And I can confirm it doesn’t tickle.
  • I’m based in NYC & Edmonton, but spend a lot of time travelling to do speeches, workshops and meet with amazing, outstanding and inspiring clients and athletes.
  • The photo taken by the photographer in the cage - fun times!

    I’m an adventure-holic and will always try something once.  When I was in Cape Town, South Africa I did a Great White Shark cage dive and one of the little buggers decided he liked what he saw on the inside of the cage.  He smashed the cage, I swallowed copious amounts of salt water and maybe let out a tiny little girl scream… but let’s pretend I punched him in the mouth and he left us alone, Okay!?

  • My birthday is October 9th, so feel free to mail Root Beer, Brownies, or tickets for Adventure Excursions!
  • I prefer to NOT take my self to seriously (which should be obvious by now) – having a sense of humor about yourself is key to not getting caught up in the ups and downs sport and life throws your way.
  • I believe that EVERY athlete should be exposed to the confidence boosting, focus-building and performance energizing strategies The Peak Athlete provides.  But I’ll settle for the athletes, coaches and parents that are smart enough to realize this is the missing link in most peoples training.  Which basically means you.  After all… you’re the one smart enough to be here.

Official 3rd Person Bio

(Which basically means someone else is going to brag about me, so I don’t have to.)

Todd Herman has been described as a “visionary” and “leader” in the sporting world and has been featured in numerous media publications. His innovative approaches to helping players and teams achieve their full potential and crush the ‘confidence-sucking’ leaches of stress, game distractions, negative thinking and poor game-planning.  Has attracted the attention of professional athletes and teams throughout the world.

His enthusiasm and belief that athletics is the greatest training ground for developing leaders on and off the field – is why so many people flock to work with him.  His approaches to developing the mental toughness and personal development skills necessary to reach ‘BIG’ goals are why he’s become the go-to guy for Olympic and Professional athletes.

From the rugby pitch in South Africa – to the soccer (football) fields of Europe – and the hockey arenas of North America.  Todd has worked with professional, Olympic and amateur athletes on every continent except Antarctica.  But like he says, “As soon as people start playing a sport in Antarctica… I’ll be there to help them!”

“Helping players get out of their own way – so they can reach their true potential, is my primary job.” – Todd Herman

For over 16 years he has studied the key components of what it takes for an athlete to not only have a successful game or match – but a successful career in athletics.  His unique and special relationships with psychologists, neuro-scientists, athletic trainers and human biology experts – have allowed him to develop a proven system for creating peak performance results over and over again.

Todd, has also played sports at a high level.  He was a nationally ranked badminton player in high school, played football for a major University in Canada and plays Australian Rules Football for the NY Magpies (although his body is telling him to hang up the cleats!).  His personal experiences allow him to relate to players on a deeper level – because he knows what their going through and not just spilling some ‘Sports Psychology’ theory onto the players that has never been proven to work.  In fact, one thing that sets The Peak Athlete’s programs apart from all others – is everything that is taught, has to be proven via our own research.

If you’d like to hire Todd to speak to your team or sports organization you can Start Here.

End Of Official Bio

So there you go.  If you have any other questions just let me know.

And, just because I spend the majority of my time working with pro athletes doesn’t mean I don’t work with amateurs.  I always keep time set aside to work with young athletes – so if you have questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me.